Coaching Testimonials

Kathleen Harley
District Sales Manager
Los Gatos, Ca.
  • Terri is an excellent coach and she's helping me to be the best me I can be.

  • Her sessions are very business-like and productive.  She is kind-hearted and encouraging.  It’s like having a warm cup of tea with a best friend who won’t let you off the hook from pursuing your best life.

  • I made such amazing progress on projects In my first 3-months of coaching with Terri that I committed to another 3-months. Now we're jumping into launching things I have only previously dreamt about!

  • I have confidence that if I continue to work the plan we created together, everything will come together
    in an exciting and wonderful fashion.

  • I am so blessed to have the opportunity to work with Terri!

Nancy Thall
Santa Cruz,, Ca.
  • Enlightening, freeing, and supportive!
  • When I came to Terri I had a change in a long term relationship and was stalled on personal goals that would aid me growing as a person.
  • The trigger for deciding to start coaching was the need to be held accountable and to help prompt me forward.
  • Writing out and putting on paper what I wanted to do, and the steps it may take was good. It gave me a clear vision to work towards. Oddly enough I have learned to relax a bit more. I have always been goal oriented but would derail myself as I would get off track, and then feel defeated. The coaching helped me to see the importance each goal had in my life. It helped to create giving myself permission to take my time if I felt that was what I needed to do to obtain the goal.

  • The biggest change I have noticed is I have stepped up my organizational skills, and am working on getting the clutter out of the way so the path to obtaining my goals will be easier for me.

  • The positive feedback and the questions that led towards organizing both my thoughts and my goals were helpful in prompting me along. I appreciate that I could set the pace, and with a positive approach (rather than reproachful) was urged to move forward when I felt stuck.

Austin Towne
Owner, Gordo Gustavos
Rib Aficionado
Santa Cruz, Ca.
  • Helpful, motivating, accountability!
  • I was handling my business but wanted to take it to the next level by upgrading in the way of finding & purchasing a food truck.
  • I've never had a life coach before but as soon as I decided to coach with Terri I knew it would be something that I would benefit from.
  • Going into my first session. I was curious about myself in the way of, "what do I actually want?" which is something I never really asked myself- I also felt comfortable in the way of coaching with Terri from prior conversations
  • One skill I learned from coaching with Terri was improved organizational skills and being self-driven to a new level. This experience furthered the fact of what I already knew; that whatever I put my mind towards and dedicate myself to I can achieve completely.​
  • And I purchased an amazing food truck!
Dawn Sorenson
Makeup Artist
Los Angeles, Ca.
  • Intuitive, beneficial & illuminating!
  • When I came to Terri I was looking for some guidance and assistance in some personal goals and creative endeavors while traversing some deep healing.
  • It was almost time for another birthday and I was drawn to the YES of coaching.  Doing all the work on my own, I felt that this YES was a way to ask for help and let myself receive.
  • What has shifted for me has been a newer sense of patience with myself and life, letting events, healing and energy unfold and staying true to what I desire amongst it all.
  • The biggest change would be the sense of space I am giving myself while also being super clear on where I choose to go, where I envision being in the future. This is helping release old patterns of frustration and anxiety which help in every area of life.
  • My friends see that I am easier on myself and find that inspirational.
  • Thank you to Terri for the opportunity and the intuitive, kind and helpful guidance she gave!
Acupuncturist/Chinese Medicine
Santa Cruz, Ca
  • When I came to Terri I was looking to study more of what I love and incorporate that into my current business. I had heard that Terri was wonderful from multiple sources and that her approach was unique and more intuitive than other styles of coaching.
  • I had experienced coaching before and I got a great deal from that, but there was a point where it didn't feel like the coach was really understanding where I was coming from. I was very optimistic, because I had had such a great reading from Terri before.
  • After our first session I knew that singing (sound healing) had to be my focus.
  • The biggest breakthrough I had was that I saw that I was capable of meeting the goals that I set for myself. I started to trust that I could incorporate what I love into my business and actually help others more, not less. I now see that I have my own "thing," and I have less fear and more excitement about following that path, thanks to Terri's support and guidance.
  • I've become willing to express my gifts in the world for the first time. It's scary and thrilling and there's nothing else to do but put it out there!
  • Working with Terri was fun, motivating & insightful!
  • I was overwhelmed & exhausted. I was trying to create a more peaceful & graceful flow of my business & life.
  • After my coaching experience with Terri, I feel more clarity with my personal blocks and challenges.
  • Terri is  a sweet soul.  I appreciate her time & love. Her guidance will continue with me as I shift & grow!
Krystal Pearson
Acupuncturist/Herbalist/Yoga Instructor
Ventura,, Ca.
Johanna Leah

  • Prior to starting coaching, I was lacking confidence in my abilities and presenting myself publicly.


  • I hadn't worked with a coach before. I was hoping that coaching would provide me with insight, encouragement, accountability, someone to 'bounce' ideas off of and get me over what seemed like a big hurdle.


  • After the first session, I was excited to work on my goal of honoring who I am. My goal evoked feelings of   freedom, joy, and a weight being lifted and that I was finally starting to move forward.


  • A breakthrough I had from this coaching experience was being able to write about myself in my newsletter, and post on social media. I've always been a very quiet person, seldom revealing anything about myself, especially publicly.


  • One of the biggest changes I noticed about myself is that I am not as hard on myself as I was previously, and less concerned about what others think!

  • With coaching I was looking todecide what next steps to take for my career as well as being current on my

Nicole Rabaudi
Child Development
Pasadena, Ca

  • With coaching I was looking to decide what next steps to take for my career as well as being current on my medical appointments.


  • I was hoping that Terri would be able to help me bring what was inside into reality.


  • I was nervous, excited and hoping I would be able to do it!


  • One thing I learned was being comfortable with the path I am on, realizing that the pace I'm moving at is o.k. and that I am making progress.


  • Some strengths I learned from coaching with Terri was to manage my time better, put inspirational things around me, take action faster and not to linger on the "what ifs"!

  • I also feel calmer, less judgemental of myself. I'm doing positive self-talk and surrounding myself with positive messages i.e., podcasts etc.

  • Terri's positivity and support was outstanding and I ended up in a different place than I thought I would. Her unending happy nature and wise words made that meanandering path turn into what was supposed to "be" - I am happier and more accepting than when I started and for that I thank her. I am grateful for the support!

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