Intuitive Reading Testimonials

  • Terri Schmidt is a phenomenal coach and intuitive!  I have worked with her for years and always feel much more relaxed and assured after our sessions.


  • She is an astute listener; her patience, kindness and wisdom create a truly supportive and safe space to explore any variety of issues. 


  • Terri has helped me navigate important relationship and work junctures & I am ever so grateful for that!

  • Working together, she gently guides you back to yourself with her grace, humor and insight. 


  • Best of all, sessions with Terri help me hear and see myself more clearly. 


  • Grateful for her warm heart and keen mind, I know I can approach Terri with anything and I will always feel immensely supported and come away with new insights and enthusiasm!

Mara Luthane
Los Angeles, Ca
Mary Moss
Corralitos, Ca.
  • I have had many readings from Terri and her guides over the past 5 years.. One thing I want to share, is that I immediately feel at ease and comfortable in Terri's presence, as  well as the guides'.  


  • Terri's clear intention to help people to live their best life is very evident. It is no wonder the guides have chosen her to work through.


  • Torum (her group of guides/angels) has helped me with a variety of situations in my life.  Most recently, for the past 3 years I have been taking care of my mother who just passed away at the age of 94. Although precious and sweet, this was a very challenging time. My mom had Dementia and Alzheimer's at the end of her life, which the guides helped me to understand better.


  • I had a lot of questions, which they answered in a comforting and reassuring way regarding what my mother needed most at different phases of her transition. This guidance was invaluable. They illuminated "The Bigger Picture" for me beautifully!

  • Whenever I am with Terri and in the presence of her guides, I feel sweet unconditional, non-judgmental love. This is a true blessing.

Mary Moss
Corralitos, Ca.
Erin Smith
Dental Hygienist
Santa Cruz, Ca
  • I was fortunate to meet Terri and work with the guides/angels during a very difficult time in life- my 9 month old daughter had just been diagnosed with a rare, incurable, terminal disease.


  •  I was searching for guidance, clarity and a fresh perspective with which to navigate this new reality. 


  • The information I received allowed me to find more peace with my situation and has also facilitated the opening of a new, more mystical dimension in my life as I feel my intuition has very much increased.


  • ​Terri and the guides were hugely helpful and I will continue to seek their council as this path unfolds. 

  • Terri is an exceptional Intuitive. Her kind and loving nature helped me feel at ease and safe in her presence. 


  • When I first came to Terri, I was going through a very difficult divorce while also undergoing treatment for Lyme Disease. I was unable to work and needed some immediate guidance and support. I felt confused and I was pretty much a wreck! I had brought some very sensitive and difficult subjects to her the very first session, feeling vulnerable and scared. She heard me with compassion and love, rather than judgement. She listened deeply, heard what I needed to say, and  asked clarifying questions for deeper results. This enabled me to settle in, relax, and completely trust that I was in the presence of True Compassion. 


  • Let me tell you what happened when I didn't take Terri's advice! I had asked if the divorce attorney I hired was a successful fit for me. Her guidance straight up told me that she is scattered, disorganized and will not serve me in the best way, and that I "need a tiger as an attorney". I whined. I was so sick and just didn't have the energy to find another. I chose to stick it out a bit longer. Maybe she was wrong? Nope, I should've listened. That lawyer cost me more time, energy and stress,  not to mention wasted money. She then helped me find a new attorney who was fabulous. I learned my lesson! Terri was supportive of any decision I made, again without judgement.


  • Terri has helped with my business, my health, and my living situation. She has pinpointed when I'd begin to feel the healing take place in my body and soul, encouraged me to find a new Lyme MD, and said I will be incorporating Lyme Disease as part of my life's work. She was spot-on. I am now focusing my life coaching practice on working with people living with chronic illness, in particular Lyme.


Sue Seely
Divorce Care Coach
Santa Cruz, Ca
  • I am so grateful to have met Terri and done readings with her.  She made an excellent effort to clarify information as well as follow up on things to see how everything developed. 


  • Her guidance was incredibly insightful and helpful in orchestrating a three family move across two states in a limited amount of time.  We were at a point where we really needed a change and how to manifest that change successfully was beyond daunting.

  •  I had a series of readings with Terri that clarified the path and timing and really let me see things from a higher level. 

  • That insight alone gave me the strength and clarity to see everything through and helped me distinguish what was important to pay attention to and what was just noise in the background.

  • I miss our meetings and the warm support that I received from Terri and the guides.  A truly wonderful experience, body and soul.  :)

C. Wolf
  • I was referred by a mutual friend to Terri more than six years ago as I was interested in finding someone to help me through a major transition in my life.


  • Upon meeting Terri, I found her to be extremely kind and caring.  I have been working with Terri ever since then as I feel a need for additional support and motivation. 


  •  She is a very talented  intuitive and helps to bring constant life challenges into perspective.  I believe that we are all exactly where we are supposed to be in life but Terri helps to make it insightful.

  • Her ability to help guide is something that is very special and has really helped me to make decisions about relationships, career and even about where I live (including apartment, city, state and even country). 


  • Terri has not only helped me through some years of difficult times but is also a friend.  She is a beauty inside and out and an amazing mother.

Lisa Murphy
Human Resources
San Francisco, Ca

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