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What The Heck is a Life Coaching Session Like?

So now that you have an understanding of what Life Coaching is, you're probably wondering what the heck is an actual Life Coaching session like?

I know for myself new experiences can seem a bit intimidating, especially if you have the “I want to control everything in the universe” habit (future blog post)! I recall that my first session with my coach was a bit nerve-racking for sure! I was really curious as to how it would go but at the same time wondering if I would be able to answer all the questions and actually come up with some concrete goals that I could, fingers crossed, complete. I'm a bit of a people pleaser so even before I dove into my first actions list, I had already come up with some whopper excuses why I couldn't get them done (just in case). Crazy how our minds work even before we actually try something new! What a goof ball, lol! So as it turned out, I created a couple of great goals and really enjoyed the step by step process of getting them accomplished. No, really!

Ok so here's the typical way a Life Coaching session goes with me:

  • My sessions are either in-person, Skype/FaceTime or by phone. It's great if you can be coached in-person but the other options work just fine. It gives me the ability to coach you halfway across the world if I choose and is just as effective!

  • My sessions run 1 hour each. At the start of the first session I like to check in with you, offer a cup of tea, water etc. (if you have come to my location of course!) thank you for coming, (and for taking the reins on creating your ideal life), as well as explain how the process will go. I like to help you to feel comfortable before we get down to business.

  • The next thing that we do is to start the conversation about the goals that you might have in mind for your coaching series (series are 3, 6 or 12 months long, depending on the size of the goals involved/meeting 2x per month). Goals can be as small as organizing those files that have been staring at you for the past year or as big as getting that book started you've been longing to write. We focus on forming clear goals that you'll feel connected with, will challenge you, yet not feel so overwhelming that you want to give up.

  • We will talk about how to move towards each goal with small precise steps (which helps to tame the “future-tripping” ego mind that can sometimes creep in and trip you up).

  • Once we get the goals written down, we then set actions. We look at each goal individually and create steps that begin the journey towards accomplishing that goal.

  • Next we will go over each action to make sure we haven't overlooked any important details.

  • This first session can be an exciting process of laying down the foundation to make rewarding changes in your life. I can see the excitement in my clients eyes when they understand that it's not as scary as they thought to go from “stuck” to “movement”.

  • Now that your goals have been set, I'll ask you if you have any questions or concerns and then we'll move into closing the session.

  • Note: I'm available to you during those two weeks for advice, check-in, or just a little encouragement to keep you in action. :)

  • In closing our session, we'll bring it full circle by finishing on a positive note, usually an acknowledgement about the session or just something uplifting to contribute.

  • Phew! You did it, you made it through the first session, yaay! Now it's time to create some amazing transformations in your life (or maybe just get that damn attic cleaned out that you've been ignoring for so long!)

If you're ready to take that leap and chat with me about what life coaching looks like for you, click here and we can have a "no strings attached" conversation so you can get your toes wet and see what's possible!


Terri :)

"A YEAR from now you will wish you had started TODAY"


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