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What is a Life Coach and Why Do I Need One Anyway?

A life coach is someone who endeavors to empower others to create and reach specific goals in there lives that otherwise might be challenging on their own. What I mean about “challenging” is that we all have good intentions of creating goals in order to make positive changes, yet for some reason most of us have a hard time completing them. It reminds me of how every New Year, thousands upon thousands of people set out to achieve these well-intentioned goals i.e. lose that annoying last five or ten pounds, start an exercise routine (no really, I'm going to do it this year!), write that book, clean out that attic, and on and on, yet a quarter or halfway through (or sometimes one day in!) they seem to get sidetracked, lose focus etc. Why is this? Well my theory is that most people have a difficult time holding themselves accountable for the specific things they want to accomplish in their lives....enter the Life Coach, or in my case, Intuitive Life Coach.

There's something about meeting a total stranger, trusting them with guiding you along this journey that you've set for yourself and allowing them to hold you accountable that sounds a bit eccentric and crazy yet actually works! To a lot of people this seems a bit strange, “why would I pay someone to hold my hand through these goals when I can just do it myself?” Well because, as mentioned above, most people will unfortunatley fail at it.

While I was going through Life Coach training I had never experienced being coached before. We were assigned a “coaching buddy” in order to have the chance to coach someone and to be coached. Ok, I have to admit I can be a terrible procrastinator and “shiny object syndrome” sufferer but boy was it helpful to have someone to meet with every two weeks to go over the actions that I set for myself! Just having the support to set my goals as well as formulate actions to start moving towards those goals made a huge difference in my ability to focus. I knew that I was going to meet with my coach every two weeks so unless I wanted to show up with zero done (which was not an option in my competitive mind!) I made sure that my to do list was completed. It felt so awesome to take baby steps towards my goals. In the past I would get so overwhelmed with all that one goal might encompass that I would just walk away frustrated and impatient. With someone to bounce ideas off of and to buoy me along, my outlook began to change and my idea of forming specific challenges for myself took on a new life. I get excited about creating new goals for myself now and instead of running away, I'm actually running towards them!

Sooo, if you've never experienced being coached before and you have a goal or two that just won't seem to go away then I invite you to have an open mind and try something new, you might be pleasantly surprised...

Terri :)

“If you aim at nothing, you'll hit it every time” Zig Ziglar


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