Light Story

I believe within each & every one of us there is this larger part of our consciousness that is connected to a higher, all-knowing dimension. I also believe that we have the ability to tap into this in order to create a life of happiness, abundance & peace.


When I was 30 years old, the universe decided to show me this all-knowing consciousness in the form of a very powerful, palpable demonstration. Now I was not in any way expecting this to happen to me, in fact it was the last thing on my mind when I went into my bedroom to meditate that one surprisingly, extraordinary night.


It was a fairly mellow night with my then husband, Scot, who was chilling out in the living room watching TV and my first child, 6 month old Kali sound asleep in the next room. Scot & I had been exploring spirituality, crystals & meditation at that time. Scot had become especially interested in crystals, more specifically ones geared towards connecting with higher realms. He had just received this beautiful, clear, 6” meditation crystal that he had ordered which was supposed to enhance & deepen the meditative experience. I was curious to check it out so I decided to sneak away with it, while the house was calm, to see if I could get any interesting results. Now mind you I wouldn’t call myself a meditator at that time, intrigued but not by any means devoted. So I sat myself down on our king size bed, crystal in hand, against my heart and proceeded to send love out to anyone and anything that was open to receive it.


 I noticed that I began to feel a bit emotional as I sat there in the silence focusing on my intention. I believe I was actually feeling the connections of this love that I was sending out and wasn’t expecting these deep feelings that were coming up…. when all of a sudden in the darkness of my closed eyes I saw this brighter than bright light start to stream towards me as if a horizontal door was slowly opening and on the other side was the most radiant, brilliant light you’ve ever seen. I was so startled yet humbled by its magnificence that you could say I went into a bit of a catatonic state albeit a beautiful, peaceful, amazingly loving catatonic state. And tears began to run down my face from the amount of overwhelming, unconditional love that I felt. I had never felt such peace and calm. Kind of like a weightless, floating sensation. The light lasted maybe 5 seconds or so before it began to quickly retract back into the opening from where it came and just as unexpected as it came, it was gone. At that moment, my husband sensed something powerful was happening and popped his head in and said “are you ok?” I nodded back yes and then he said “something happened didn’t it?”. It took me a good 15 minutes or so to come out of that state and be able to put into words what I had just experienced.  I was relieved that I had him there to share this amazing event with and he was pretty excited to hear that his expensive crystal actually worked!


My perception of reality was completely shifted that fateful evening and I believe it wholeheartedly affected the direction of my life and who I am today. To this day I don’t truly understand the reason behind it but I know it will stay with me until the day that I take my last breath.


I trust this experience was a gift from the universe to show me that there is more to this life that I am living. That we are so much more than our simple minds can conceive. That if we are willing to be open to this humble yet powerful vibration of light and be proactive in reaching out to make that connection, then the possibilities are endless.

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