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“Your higher self is the greatest part of this world. It is your true north, it is always trying to get you back on track. Trusting this system will help to guide you through this life”   ~ Torum

Welcome, so glad you're here!

Allow me to introduce myself. I'm a Life Alignment Coach trained through the Beautiful You Coaching Academy (recognized by the International Coaching Federation). I work with motivated women and men who are ready to step into their authentic self, inspiring them to move from confusion to clarity so they can live a more harmonious, soul-filled life! 


My gift and ultimate passion is coaching people like YOU that are ready to get their lives back into alignment. I’ve been blessed to have been giving intuitive readings for the past several years to some amazing clients. I am now incorporating the principles of life coaching to offer my clients a holistic experience while helping them to shake up & shift their lives to create positive change.

How I got here

I was a very curious child and still am. I love to

know what makes people tick. When I was 7 yrs. old I remember the first time the idea of "mortality" made its way into my thoughts. I hid behind the sofa and cried, terrified of the concept. Not long after that, at the age of 12, the universe put my mind at ease. I had just experienced the death of a dear friend. This traumatic event triggered my

first out-of-body experience which helped me to understand that there is more to this life

than our limited minds can comprehend. 


There have been a couple of particularly compelling spiritual occurrences since then that have enriched my journey and shaped who I am i.e., connecting with a powerful, omnipresent light during a meditation at the age of 30 and later meeting my group of guides & angels who, since then, have been a trustworthy guiding system for myself and my clients.


​These experiences have given me the gift of understanding the importance of balancing the spiritual with the physical part of our nature. The daily with the divine. If we can learn to tap into this on a regular basis then we can create a powerful link to who we are truly meant to be as well as serve in a more meaningful way.

Identifying your personal compass

In my job as a coach, I am honored to be a bridge

in bringing the spiritual and physical worlds together. I love helping my clients to open their minds and hearts in order to connect with their inner compass. It brings me great satisfaction to facilitate meaningful life changes as well as challenge what they believe is possible in their lives.


There are times when people come to a crossroads, are paralyzed with fear and don't know which way to go. This is where I come in and am at my most confident. I have a way of being steadfast yet loving as I help my clients discover their highest potential while navigating a sea of indecision.

Fun facts about me

When I am not coaching, you can most likely find me: having fun on my bike in the backroads in my home-town of Santa Cruz, Ca.. skiing in the Sierras, practicing hot yoga, playing music with my friends, hanging with my three beautiful (inside & out!) kids or having long, in depth, soul searching conversations at a cozy cafe.

If you're inspired to find out more,

please feel free to schedule a


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I can't wait to hear from you!

A Little Trivia 

  • I believe everyone can connect with their higher self & with a little focus & open mindedness they can create the lives they dream of.

  • I home schooled my kids for 12 years, so saying that I learned "organizational skills" is an understatement!

  • I was blessed to have traveled to some amazing ski locations with my ex-husband who is a professional skier as well as assisting him with the nuts & bolts of his ski career 

  • I'm a goofball and mostly optimistic!

  • I love FREEDOM!

  • I get excited to witness people's spiritual "aha" moments

  • I'm very empathetic & have to be careful not to take on other's emotions

  • My first "religion" is LOVE.

  • My second "religion" is fun, fresh air, exercise, alone time & great food!

  • I love my kids to the moon & back!

  • Covert trips to See's Candy is my guilty pleasure & am embarrassed to say they know me there (whoops!)

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